Throughout history, pirates have both plagued and terrorized virtually all countries and civilizations that have engaged in shipping and trade. This page is mainly about those that operated during the Golden Age of Piracy. Some of these pirates became quite wealthy stealing treasure and cargo sent to and from the New World. Primarily in the area of the Caribbean frequently referred to as the Spanish Main. At this time Port Royal, Jamaica had become the unofficial pirates haven. It was also during this time in history that piracy was at its most popular point, and when the most prominent figures in piracy (Blackbeard, Every, Bellamy, etc.) made names for themselves. In reading the pirate biographies below you will find that the majority of these famous pirates had very brief careers lasting just a few short years which ended in their deaths. Perhaps the really successful pirates were the ones that were able to pillage and plunder while keeping a low profile in the shadows of obscurity.... one step ahead of the authorities.

Cutthroats and Pirates

* Captain Thomas Anstis - This notorious pirate sailed with the best of them.

* Captain Samuel Bellamy - Famous for his memorable speeches and flamboyant character.

* Blackbeard - The most famous pirate of the golden age.

* Anne Bonny - She was by far the best known female pirate.

* Captain John Callice - This fellow seemed to have had about nine lives...

* Captain Peter Easton - One of the most successful pirates of all time.

* Captain Edward England - He was said to have been the model for Robert Louis Stevenson's character, Long John Silver.

* Captain John Evans - Had a brief but interesting career as a pirate.

* Captain Henry Every - By all accounts Every was the most highly renowned pirate of his time.

* Captain Benjamin Hornigold - Privateer turned pirate, than pirate hunter.

* Captain William Kidd - Many a story has been written about this poor fellow.

* Captain George Lowther - A leader of a slave ship mutiny who turned to piracy.

* Captain Christopher Mings - A legendary pirate who inspired many a rogue to follow in his footsteps.

* Sir Henry Morgan - Pirate or patriot? You decide for yourself.

* Captain Jean-David Nau - One of the most sadistic of pirates.

* Captain Nathaniel North - An unlucky pirate who met a sad end.

* Captain Jack Rackham - He was best known for his exploits with Anne Bonny and Mary Read.

* Mary Read - Maybe not as well known as Anne Bonny but just as interesting.

* Captain Bartholomew Roberts - "Black Bart" as he was known was probably the most successful pirate of his day.

* Captain Simon Simonson - Had a very good career in piracy on the barbary coast.

* Captain Thomas Tew - A successful pirate who cheated the gallows awaiting him at Execution Dock.

* Captain Charles Vane - He had a brief and notorious career.

* Captain Richard Worley - This small time pirate had big ambitions.

Pirate Books and Literature

* Arthur Ransome Literary Pages - A well made site with lots of links and book reviews.

* Bloodthirsty Pirate Tales - This site has outstanding pirate comic books.

* Books for Buccaneers - Well done with detailed overviews of many pirate books.

* Books on Piracy - This one carries many old, rare books, as well as more current books.

* Booty: Girl Pirates on the High Seas - Explores the historical role of female pirates.

* The English Mercurie - Contains an original account of the battle with the Spanish Armada.

* In Search of Blackbeard - A pirate article from Historic Traveller.

* Isle of Tortuga - Piracy at sea throughout history. Includes biographies and original documents. A wealth of information and resouces.

* The Jolly Roger - An Online magazine with some pirate graphics.

* Letters of Marque - Historical letters from differant countries granting permission to private ship captains to plunder the ships of that governments enemies.

* Most Notorious Pirates - Nicely done by the folks from the Pirate Library.

* Nautical Literature - Large site listing all types of sea tales.

* Naval History of the American Revolution - Written by Gardner W. Allen.

* The Pirate's Library - Good source for many standard pirate reference books and reprinted classic factual books on piracy.

* Pirates and Marine History - A good reference source.

Pirates of Pensacola - This fictional pirate adventure is set in the present day. Due in stores April 2005.

* The Pirate Wench Hideaway - Biographies of famous female pirates including Anne Bonny and Grainne Ni Mhaille.

* Piratical Books in English - This site has a large A to Z list of piracy based books. Nicely done, good reference source.

* Rafael Sabatini's Works - Excellent site about the great author of Captain Blood and The Sea Hawk.

Romantic Reads of Pirates - This be the place to find pirate romance novels.

* Scurvy Dogs - Historical view of the Golden Age of Piracy.

* Sea Tales - Pirate Books in print from, for adults and children.

* Shipwrecks and Other Maritime Disasters - Website for contemporary maritime literature.

* Tales From the Deep - A first class site about The Queen Anne's Revenge, lost cities and Royal treasure.

* Tall Ships Books - Site with used books, mostly fictional.

* Thomas Tew the Pirate - Mini-book on the privateer turned pirate.

* Treasure Island - Everything you could possibly want to know about Treasure Island.

Individual Pirates

* Anne Bonny - An account of the life of the notorious female pirate, based on the writings of John Carlova.

* Black Sam Bellamy - profile of the pirate including his fate.

* Pirate Ghosts: Black Sam Bellamy - Done by the Discovery Channel.

* Blackbeard - About Edward "Blackbeard" Teach, the Queen Anne's Revenge, recovered treasures and artifacts.

* Blackbeard, the Legend of - A short biography of Edward Teach by JTHT.

* Legends Pirates and Privateers: Blackbeard - Biography of one of the most infamous pirates in history.

* Blackbeard's Shipwreck - Information on the pirate and the wreck of his ship the Queen Anne's Revenge.

* Pirate Ghosts: Blackbeard - Another story by the Discovery Channel.

* Blackbeard: Treasure Hunt - Information about Edward Teach and his ship the Queen Anne's Revenge.

* William Dampier - One time buccaneer and British explorer.

* William Dampier: The New World Voyages - Brief biography of this 17th century British explorer.

* John Deane - A short biography on the sailor, mercenary, spy, diplomat, petty criminal and shipwrecked cannibal.

* Drake, Sir Francis - A short biography of the English pirate/privateer.

* Sir Francis Drake - Information on the 16th century circumnavigation of the world in the Golden Hind.

* Sir Francis Drake - Detailed account of Drake's life with links to related sites.

* Pirates and Privateers Sir Francis Drake - Biography of this English navigator and privateer.

* Gráinne O'Malley: Pirates and Privateers - Biography of this Irish noblewoman turned pirate. Also known as Gráinne Ni Mháille, Granuaile, Grace O'Malley, Grany Malley.

* Granuaile - Irish chieftain and pirate, aka "Grace O'Malley".

* Defiant Women: Granuaile - nice site about the famous female pirate.

* Gráinne Ni Mhaille or Gráinne Uaile - more on "Grace O'Malley"

* Gráinne Ní Mháille - Pirate Queen of Connaught

The Illustrious Captain Bartholomew Roberts - All about one of the most fearsome pirates in history.

* John Paul Jones Page - good site about this legend.

* John Paul Jones: Pirate or Patriot - another nice site

* Captain Kidd - some more information on this unfortunate pirate.

* Kidd's Island - A brief history of Captain Kidd and speculation about the pirate's treasure buried in the Connecticut River.

* Jean Lafitte "The Terror of the Gulf" - good referance source about this pirate.

* Henry Morgan: a Welsh buccaneer - A biography of Sir Henry Morgan and his relationship with the Morgans of Monmouthshire.

* Mary Read: Sailor, Soldier, Pirate - Interesting reading about this remarkable woman.

* Women Pirates and Privateers - An impressive list of real and fictional sea hellions.

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