Daughters Orphaned


Awarded to Captains that go out of their way to assist a member of the fleet. Wenches do love hanging on the arm of a hero.

Ships Sunk

Merchant Award of Sinking  Sloop Award of SinkingBarque Award of Sinking  Brig Award of Sinking  Galleon Award of Sinking  War Galleon Award of Sinking  Frigate Award of Sinking  SOL Award of Sinking   

Awarded to Captains for sinking enemy ships. 2 awarded weekly to 1 member in each squadron. Competition; different ship selected each week.

Port Razes

English Port Sacked (Date Awarded)  Spanish Port Sacked (Date Awarded)  French Port Sacked (Date Awarded)  Member of Squadron with most Port Sacks within a month

Awarded each month to those that take place in a number of port sacks.. Number of sacks to be determined later.

Port Razes

English Letter of Marquee  French Letter of Marquee  Spanish Letter of Marquee

Give to Captain for targeting ships of that nation only. Or awarded for doing the same.




Awarded to those captains that capture vessels of superior class to their own.


  Dicey use of wording to confuse non-Rp'ers  Warrior poet of the Fleet         

Given to those members that role-play their characters. Still undecided at to what they will be for.


   Founding member  Fleet guider  Fleet members prior to game launch 

Awards of distinction given to founding members of The Black Fleet 


A person of promise  A leader among men  The foundation of which the Fleet is made 

Award given to those members that take an active role in the Fleet and by doing so make it stronger.