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There are currently 9 spots open in The Black Fleet. 7 within The Death Bringer Squadron and 7 within The Sail Chaser Squadron. If your ready to go on account contact the Squadron Corsair for entry via the Fleet Forums.

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The Black Fleet welcomes Cap'n Radic Rahl, Cap'n Detrick Death and Cap'n Johnny Farsear to the ranks. Both sea dogs have signed the articles and are preparing for plundering procurement.


Captain Lief Celest has joined the Fleet. A hearty welcome to you!


Captain Nicholas Postgate joins The Black Fleet.  This brigand has a dislike for the perfumed French, be warned all that sail for france!


A double whammy has occurred! Captain Thorne and Cap'n Worley both strike SMZS. Captain Thorne adjusts their ensign with a sinister message of no quarter given, while Cap'n Worley is up to his old tricks of jesterious contempt.


The Black Fleet welcomes Captain Longstreet to our band of cutthroats. He has been assigned per his request to the Sail Chaser Squadron.


The call to stations has begun as The Black Fleet made the announcement today that their campaign of madness is now upon the fleets of the burning sea. Cap'n Worley replaces the ensign fluttering above The Newport Company's White Horse Tavern with this tribute, setting an uneasy feeling across the entire Caribbean.


Cap'n Worley vandalized a St. George insignia. Thus making them the first victims of The Black Fleet



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